PAW Server for Android

Web Application Server for Android devices

Due to Google Play restrictions PAW Server is no longer available on Google Play.
Direct APK download is available.

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Connect your PC via WiFi or USB (ADB is supported).
For more security HTTPS is available.

Tasker/Locale Support

PAW provides a Tasker/Locale integration to make automatic startup and shutdown easy.

Deploy Your own Webpages

PAW is a true web server allowing you to host your own pages on your Android device. Just put your content into the /sdcard/paw/html directory ... that's it!

Develop Rich Web Aplications

Not only can you deploy your own web page but you can also develop your own dynamic web applications.
The Android API can be used, this also includes SQLite database connectivity.


With PAW you can install plugins ranging from PHP to PirateBox or develop plugins yourself.

For You to Explore

Explore Android with PAW by utilizing the Android API and changing exiting code.
Most of PAW's web application is available as plain text for you to edit and enhance.


Documentation and examples are available from within the web aplication.
For a glipse at the possiblity have a look at the PAW Functions documentation.

PAW topics are also discussed at the Fun2Code Blog.

The pre-release of the eBook
Advanced PAW Server can be downloaded here.

Build Your Own Server

You can build your own server based on PAW free of charge for private and educational purposes.

If you would like to build a commercial product, please contact:
paw [at]

Documentation, a sample Eclipse project and APK file are available for download:

Documentation: Build_Own_PAW_Server.pdf
Eclipse Project:
Android Studio Project:
Sample APK: BuildOwnPawServer.apk