PAW Plug-ins

Below is the list of available PAW plug-ins.
Installation is easy. Just download the ZIP archive and extract it into your PAW plugins folder (normally /sdcard/paw/html/app/plugins).
After extraction (and the reload of the main page), the plug-in should be available in the "Plug-ins" menu.

NameVersionDescriptionRequirementsZIP SizeAuthor
PHP Plug-in (Setup) 0.7 PHP support for PAW. PHP versions: 5.4.2, 5.3.8 and 5.3.6

The PHP 5.3.8 and 5.4.2 binaries are provided by Iulian Virtejanu.
For more information see: PHP and Lighttpd for Android

PAW 0.58 or higher ~ 9.3 MB Fun2Code (contact: android [at]
PHP Demo Plug-ins 0.1 Three PHP demo plug-ins:

  • Filemanager
  • Hangman
  • Chat

PHP Plug-in ~ 83 KB Fun2Code (contact: android [at]
Cron Plug-in 0.3 Provides cron functionality.

The plug-in consists of a Perl backend.
Therefore the SL4A Perl APK has to be installed.
To start cron on PAW startup the included cron.bsh script can be used.
SL4A Perl ~ 1.8 MB Fun2Code (contact: android [at]
Cover Fetcher Plug-in 0.1.1 Uses the API to fetch CD cover images. - ~ 7 KB Fun2Code (contact: android [at]
PirateBox Plug-in 0.4 PirateBox Plug-in for PAW.
For more informatin see the blog entry PirateBox on Android.
Rooted device! ~ 50 KB Fun2Code (contact: android [at]
Rhino Plug-in 0.2 Rhino Plug-in for PAW.
Adds Rhino support to PAW.
- ~ 390 KB Fun2Code (contact: android [at]
NFC Plug-in 0.1 Supports reading and writing of NDEF messges in the following formats:
  • Text
  • URI
  • Smart Poster
  • Mime Media
PAW 0.84 or higher ~ 41 KB Fun2Code (contact: android [at]